Digital Disruption

Consultants and AEC companies are being left behind by maintaining static approaches.

An opportunity to develop how Architects work


We begin by understanding where your organisation stands currently and defining your digital goals. We identify challenges and areas of improvement to lay the groundwork for strategic decision-making.


Based on our review, we provide a comprehensive report that serves as a guide for your digital journey. We present software options that align with your aims and facilitate access to the best-fit solutions for your business needs.


We support you in implementing the chosen digital solutions through training, roll-out, and ongoing organisational support. We ensure a smooth adoption process to maximize the benefits of your digital investments.

Annual Review

We provide an annual progress review to track your digital transformation journey and update your aims as needed to ensure continued success.

The ADDD Database

We hold an extensive database of construction industry software with over 700 catalogued and indexed that support AEC companies with macro and micro challenges.

This is the most in depth resource available.

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At ADDD, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help AEC companies thrive in the digital era. Our approach includes strategic reviews, options analysis, organisational recommendations, and access to our unrivalled database of over 700 AEC software solutions and growing. 


We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the AEC industry, and our goal is to empower your organisation with the right digital tools to achieve increased productivity, sustainability, and competitiveness. From initial review to final implementation and annual reviews, we provide end-to-end support for your digital transformation journey. 

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