Unlock the Power of Generative AI for Sustainable Building Design with Augmenta.ai

Unlock the Power of Generative AI for Sustainable Building Design with Augmenta.ai

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Augmenta is an AEC software that automates the sustainable design of building services, reducing the time, cost, waste, and uncertainty of construction projects.

Founded by the ex-Autodesk team that pioneered Generative Design, Augmenta is automating building design using advanced AI.

The company’s flagship Augmenta Construction Platform (ACP) is being developed to ensure buildings are always designed to be energy efficient, use sustainable materials, are safer to build, and contribute less waste to landfill during construction.

Once available commercially, this innovative new cloud-based platform – which uses artificial intelligence, including machine learning and mathematical optimization – will enable contractors and engineers to create error-free, constructible, code-compliant designs of buildings and systems in hours instead of weeks.

The software enables a new design process that empowers the construction industry to design and build sustainable housing, cities, and infrastructure at scale. It automatically creates fully detailed, coordinated, and sustainable building services designs for buildings and building systems that meet the requirements of a diverse set of stakeholders.

The first module, Electrical System Design, is developed for services engineers, empowering teams to estimate and design fully detailed, code compliant, and constructible electrical raceway systems in hours.

You can create fully constructible designs in hours instead of weeks, iterate faster, eliminate double entry and manual rework, and reduce your overall design time by up to 70%.

Augmenta integrates seamlessly with industry-standard CAD workflows and is transforming design and coordination for engineers, subcontractors, general contractors, and developers.

With Augmenta Electrical, you define the requirements and it generates solutions, enabling you to focus on your client’s needs and find the best design solution for their project.

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