Unleash the power of modular construction with TESSA

Unleash the power of modular construction with TESSA

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Modulous, a pioneer in modular construction with software that empowers the future of housing, have launched a generative design tool called TESSA.

What is TESSA?

With TESSA, you can generate fully engineered, optimised housing schemes in minutes based on Modulous’ Kit Of Parts. Simply input your site parameters, and TESSA will produce a range of viable options, complete with area schedules, floorplans, detailed cost plans, and embodied carbon calculations.

TESSA is powered by a vast database of design and construction knowledge from Modulous, ensuring that schemes are both feasible and compliant with local regulations.

TESSA is a powerful communication platform, enabling you to share your ideas with clients, consultants, and planning authorities with ease.

With TESSA, you can:

  • Reduce the time you spend on speculative work
  • Improve the accuracy of your feasibility studies
  • Enhance collaboration with stakeholders
  • Make more informed decisions, earlier, about your projects

Sign up for a free demo of TESSA by visiting the Modulous website www.modulous.com/TESSA

Free Generative Design download

Download our free generative design worksheet with a range of Generative Design below. This is one subset of software options or construction that has been collected into a database of over 750 individual categorised solutions. Get in touch if you want to find solutions to your construction challenges.



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