Top 5 Digital Construction, AEC, and Contech news this week.

Top 5 Digital Construction, AEC, and Contech news this week.

This week we are sharing news on contech funding, artificial intelligence in design and webinars. Check out last week for information on Architecture and AI and Contech funding announcements that focus on digital in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

We cover all that is new in digital construction, AEC and contech.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities & Threats to Design Practice


VC firm launches $52M fund for contech, real estate Max Brickman, managing director of VC firm Heartland Ventures, said contech will ride construction’s unmet demand to become a leading sector in the overall tech space.

Courtesy: Pexels


Architecture’s abysmal ignorance Artificial Intelligence reveals what experts deny. Nikos A. Salingaros takes a look at how AI can guide architects with their design choices and respond to societal needs from architecture. thought provoking.

Courtesy: Ann SussmanJanice M. Ward


MAKERS – contech entrepreneurship innovation program:

Makers – ConTech Innovation Program powered by Flat6Labs and in partnership with SIAC and Dar-Al-Handasah, is an Egypt-based program focusing on developing the contech (construction technology) ecosystem by developing pilot-ready contech startups through a series of activities dedicated to growing startups with innovative solutions in the construction and design technology space. The program is designed to support entrepreneurs by guiding them in developing and presenting their innovative ideas and solutions to SIAC and Dar-Al-Handasah, with the possibility of being selected to do business with both parties.

Wojtek Gurak | Auditorio de Tenerife. Image via Flickr


Meet the Winners Construction Startup Competition 2022 Eight startups have been selected as the winners of the Construction Startup Competition 2022:

Green Construction: Carbon Limit [United States] and 2050 Materials [United Kingdom].

Enhanced Productivity: Exodigo [United States] and Constru [Israel].

Construction Supply Chain: Soil Connect [United States] and Cathago Germany]

Construction’s Future is Now: Loris [United States] and Automatic Construction [United States].

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