Top 5 Digital Construction, AEC, and Contech news this week.

Top 5 Digital Construction, AEC, and Contech news this week.

This week we are sharing some Webinars and Podcasts that focus on digital in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. We cover all that is new in digital construction, AEC and contech.

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Solving Construction’s Capacity Problem | Digital Builder Podcast


BCS2022 MS PowerApps for 19650 compliant Asset Information Part 1


A Digital Twin Workflow for Successful Project Implementation – Dr. Jacques Khouri – CTF 2021


Artificial Intelligence Architecture (Dalle, Midjourney and Stable) with Will Garner


Special guest Paul Wintour of Parametric Monkey joins the podcast to talk about his description of the gap that exists in the profession between innovation and adoption, just how far behind we really are and how much work there is to do to catch up, technical debt in architectural practice, the reality that most digital tools that are developed in firms are incomplete and unused, transactions versus relationships, recalibrating practice, and more

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