Top 5 Data Driven Design news this week.

Top 5 Data Driven Design news this week.

Welcome to the Association of Data-Driven Design roundup. We aim to share a summary of current information and news on Data-Driven Design practices within the construction industry. Please get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions or have something to share.

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This week are exploring Artifical Intelligence and links to architecture with a look at Neil Leach’s AI book, new AI books coming out soon and new software.

1. DigitalFUTURES Tutorial: XKool, AI Design Cloud

Explore Xkool software – AI in architecture from China in this webinar from Digital Futures.

2. Architecture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: An Introduction to AI for Architects

Great introduction to AI in architecture from Neil Leach. His top ten predictions include;

  1. AI will be on the curriculum for all schools of architecture
  2. Architecture will become intelligent
  3. Cities will be controlled by AI
  4. Facial recognition will mean that we don’t need passports, keys, credit cards or cash
  5. We will communicate with our computers through speech and hand gestures, writing and drawing skills will begin to fade
  6. AI will become indispensable, invisible assistant to all architectural offices, automating the design process
  7. Initial resistance to AI will begin to fade, as AI becomes unavoidable
  8. Clients will insist on their architects using AI
  9. Architects brand themselves in terms of their use of AI
  10. AI will be able to generate customised designs, completely autonomously
Courtesy: Neil Leach

3. Machine Learning Architecture in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Preorder the new Phil Bernstein book – Architecture in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Courtesy: Phil Bersnstein

4. Artificial Intelligence and Architecture: From Research to Practice

Preorder the new Stanislav Chaillou book – Artificial Intelligence and Architecture: From Research to Practice

Courtesy: Stanislas Chaillou

5. Digital Blue Foam Launches for Soaring AI-AEC Market

The DBF platform is a web browser-based software application that delivers compelling interactive generative design tools that leverage human design intuition and problem-solving together with data and artificial intelligence (AI). Digital Blue Foam replaces legacy technologies commonly used in the industry for early property and building planning tasks while adding more cutting-edge technologies such as geospatial data, sustainability validation, and city scoring.

Courtesy: DBF

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