The @ADDDplus #datadrivendesign roundup 20191009

The @ADDDplus #datadrivendesign roundup 20191009

The @ADDDplus #datadrivendesign roundup 20191004

Welcome to the Association of Data-Driven Design roundup. Each week the aim is to share current information and news on Data-Driven Design practices within the construction industry. Please get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions or have something to share.

As you may have noticed we have not been able to post recently due to organising the Digital Construction Week event. However please follow on Twitter for day to day posts and also see the LinkedIn group.

Digital Construction Week is a key event to communicate the Association, please get in touch if you want to meet up!

Sign up to the LinkedIn group here;


If you are on twitter our handle is @adddplus and on instagram we are sharing here.

Going to plug this again as we have had lots of interest from this article. Building Magazine publishing an article on ADDD and what this means for the industry, You can find this here;


Highly recommend this post from Clifton Harness – Architecture Firm Brain Drain from @harnessclifton.

Thanks for reading!

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