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Implement and optimize algorithms to generate, process, and analyze geometry and large data structures.

Some examples of tasks you might handle:

Help develop an algorithm to generate an optimal floor plan for a story
Implement and visualize daylight simulation for buildings
Add validation for architecture projects by traversing and analysing graphs of geometry data

You’re a black belt in the art of algorithm development. Linear algebra is not just something you learned in school, but a familiar tool in your toolbox. You know your way around vector mathematics, transformation matrices, and efficient graph traversal. You dream about sine waves and quaternions at night.

You love to take on unfamiliar problems and make it your responsibility that your projects serve the end user well. You take pride in upholding stability, readability, and performance whether in your own code or your coworker’s.

Ideally you have the following qualifications, but don’t hesitate to apply if you don’t meet all of them:

Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science, math or similar.
Experience in algorithm programming
Good knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and linear algebra

Working at Finch
Here at Finch we’re boldly setting out to change the way architecture is created by leading the way into the era of generative design (no pressure!). We are a startup backed by some of the most experienced investors in the region. We want to keep building an outstanding tech team as we’re working hard on the first version of our product.

Our office is at Minc in Malmö where our hybrid team is mostly based. We’re still small (around 10 people) and we try to make the most of that by keeping our processes lean and avoiding meetings that could have been a Slack message.

Our tech stack is primarily built in TypeScript. Our web-based editor (think Figma for architects) runs on React with Three.js for 3D rendering. Our backend runs on Node and is primarily hosted on AWS. We also have one foot in the world of architecture with plugins for popular architect tools like Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, and Autodesk’s Revit.

We offer:

Lots of influence and ownership of tech and product
Greenfield development and use of new tech
Lean development processes with plenty of focus time
Time set aside for free exploration and learning
Flexible hours
Opportunity for remote work
Competitive salary
Stock options

We welcome your application even if you do not meet all of the criteria listed in an ad, but are excited about the challenge of mastering this role. We know that skills are not static and growth is continuous, so we’re excited to help you take your career to the next level at Finch.

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