Data Scientist @ Finch

Data Scientist @ Finch

  • Full Time
  • Sweden

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Optimizing Architecture

You will be responsible for developing and implementing advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to drive our product forward.

Some examples of tasks you might handle:

Train models from our library of floor plans and graphs
Deploy models on our backend to create generative tools
Set up data processing pipelines

Some people might hear “data science” and zone out, but it’s your bread and butter. Large, complex datasets aren’t scary to you – just a mystery to unravel. You’re passionate about math and algorithms (yes, really!) and experienced with using machine learning to solve challenging problems and analyze data. You don’t have to wear a lab coat, but it’s totally OK with us if you want to.

You love to work exploratively, drive your own projects, and take your own initiatives, always with the goal of empowering end users to work better and take the right decisions.

Ideally you have the following qualifications, but don’t hesitate to apply if you don’t meet all of them:

Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science or similar
At least 5 years working experience
Experience in algorithm programming (Python, JavaScript/TypeScript)
Experience with AI and ML

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