I need your help to REVOLUTIONISE construction software!

This is a special post with a call to action! At ADDD I am trying to build something special and I need your support for a new AEC Contech Marketplace. Can I ask you to please sign up at the waitlist here:


The more people who sign up, the more likely this will be realised, and benefit the construction industry! See the approach and rational below:

Construction is too slow

The construction industry worldwide needs to build more, be sustainable, and more efficient however, the construction industry is slow, traditional and unproductive. Part of the problem is that construction professionals do not have access to the software they need quickly and easily to meet urgent needs such as zero carbon developments, increasing productivity, and greater collaboration.  For example, the UK needs 3 million homes by 2030, at current rates of production this target will be missed.

The solution

We are developing the world’s first Construction Tech Marketplace to help construction professionals to design and build faster with digital solutions. At ADDD, we have identified that Construction Technology (ConTech) software is expanding fast and providing new innovative solutions to digitise the industry to be faster, better and more sustainable. However there is no one place to find these solutions easily and seamlessly.

Fast forward your design & construction projects

Our platform uses a unique database of over 700 Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) ConTech solutions as the basis for the marketplace. This will allow users to search by different software categories, types, use cases, work stage and more. Our AI chatbot will assist in this process. Software providers can add their products and connect with users seamlessly to find out their needs, support implementation, and making sales.

Test software fast

Our research has shown that users cannot test software easily within their own companies – as gaining approval, verification, and installation rights from IT is slow and this means productivity is reduced. Using our experience of Virtual Desktop Interfaces we will be trialling the use of software in a virtual environment to help users test and report on the software quickly and easily. A community forum of users will be able to rate their use of the software and suggest improvements – adding to the roadmaps of software providers. This will increase the quality and effectiveness of software solutions.

Streamline the approval process with our report building tools.

Gaining approval to purchase new software takes too long. This is due to the skills required to find, test, review and compile a report takes months. We will enable users to build reports on innovative software to fast track the decision making process.

Let’s build the future of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, together.

Join our waitlist here: www.addd.io/market


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