Total Synergy for Architects is an exciting option compared to Excel!

Total Synergy for Architects is an exciting option compared to Excel!

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Are you using excel for project and office management? I’d be surprised if you said no. But are architect’s poor at project management? Not necessarily but there can be challenges that architects face when it comes to managing projects effectively.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

It refers to the systems and software packages used by organizations of all sizes to manage day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management, and manufacturing.

A few years ago I was researching Project and Resource Management software and I found Total Synergy, and I liked the software, how they worked with a software as a service approach, and the look and feel of their web based solution.

Here are a few reasons why architects might struggle with project management:

  • Complex projects: Architects often work on large, complex projects that involve many different stakeholders, such as clients, contractors, engineers, and local authorities. This can make project management a challenging task, as architects need to coordinate with many different parties to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.
  • Attention to detail: Architects are trained to pay close attention to detail and strive for perfection in their designs. However, this attention to detail can also make it easy for architects to get bogged down in the minutiae of a project, which can make it difficult to manage the project as a whole.
  • Limited time: Architects often work under tight deadlines, which can make it difficult to allocate time and resources effectively. This can lead to rushed decision-making and poor project management.
  • Lack of training: While architects receive extensive training in design and technical skills, they may not have received as much training in project management. This can make it challenging for architects to manage projects effectively, especially if they are leading a project for the first time.s

With the right tools, training, and support, architects can develop strong project management skills and deliver successful projects. Let’s look at one of these tools;

The main benefits of the software are the ability to streamline project workflows, improve communication, and increase efficiency. Let’s look at 5 features;

Total Synergy’s tag line is “Project management and business software for architects and engineers.”

Total Synergy

  • Project Management: Architects often struggle to keep track of multiple projects at once, which can lead to missed deadlines, miscommunication, and wasted time. Total Synergy’s project management tools can help architects streamline their workflows, track project progress in real time, and collaborate more effectively with team members and clients.
  • Collaboration: Architects often work with multiple stakeholders on a single project, including engineers, contractors, and clients. This can make communication and collaboration a challenge, especially when stakeholders are located in different offices or time zones. Total Synergy’s collaboration tools can help architects streamline communication, share files and data in real time, and keep all stakeholders on the same page throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Financial Management: Architects often struggle to manage their finances effectively, which can lead to cost overruns, missed payments, and delayed projects. Total Synergy’s financial management tools can help architects track project budgets, expenses, and invoices in real time, and generate accurate reports and forecasts to help them make more informed financial decisions.
  • Resource Planning: Architects often have to manage multiple resources, including staff, equipment, and materials, across multiple projects. This can make resource planning and allocation a challenge, especially when project timelines change or unexpected delays occur. Total Synergy’s resource planning tools can help architects optimize their resource allocation, track availability in real time, and avoid costly project delays.
  • Mobile App: Architects often need to be able to access project data and communicate with team members and clients on the go, whether they are on a job site, in a meeting, or traveling. Total Synergy’s mobile app can help architects stay connected to their projects and teams at all times, allowing them to manage projects, track time and expenses, and communicate with stakeholders from their mobile devices.

By addressing these pain points, Total Synergy can help architects work more efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively, and ultimately deliver better projects for their clients.


The main benefits of Total Synergy can be seen above and I encourage you to try the software for themselves. See below a link to the Total Synergy website where you can learn more and sign up for a trial.


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