ADDD’s exciting newsletter on Data Driven Design in AEC

ADDD’s exciting newsletter on Data Driven Design in AEC

Hi. It has been a while since I have posted and it is time to give you an update on the developments over the last few months!

1. ADDD Consultancy is launched!

I am pleased to announce that my consultancy service is now available to support you in your digital journeys. I offer the below approach to digital development and adoption:


I begin by understanding where your organisation stands currently and defining your digital goals. I identify challenges and areas of improvement to lay the groundwork for strategic decision-making.

ii. Report or Workshop

Based on the review, I provide a comprehensive report that serves as a guide for your digital journey. I present software options, supported by my database of over 700 solutions, that align with your aims and facilitate access to the best-fit solutions for your business needs.

iii. Implement

I support you in implementing the chosen digital solutions through training, roll-out, and ongoing organisational support. I ensure a smooth adoption process to maximize the benefits of your digital investments.

iv. Annual Review

I provide an annual progress review to track your digital transformation journey and update your aims as needed to ensure continued success.

See more here: CONSULTANCY – ADDD Market

2. ADDD Marketplace Bootcamp completed

I recently completed the Eagle Labs/Plexal Bootcamp, sponsored by the UK Government. Only the top 10 proposals from a short list of over 100 start up companies were accepted onto the final Bootcamp, and I was pleased to make it. This three month course allowed me to take the idea for the ADDD Marketplace from initial idea, through wireframing, tech stack integration, user feedback, landing page development, and ultimately supported the development of the Minimum Viable Product. This will be launching in November so watch this space!

3. Sign up for the ADDD Marketplace Waitlist

The ADDD Marketplace will be the first Architecture Engineering and Construction Marketplace for construction software. It will enable seamless access to all of the most exciting, new and best software solutions to your challenges in one location. Search, test and report on new software to make decisions faster and solve your manual tasks. Sign up for the ADDD Marketplace below:

The website will be launching in November and if you would like to be a Beta user of this I would appreciate your feedback. I will be providing a free Generative Design software factsheet for those that sign up, email to be sent to waitlist in November.

4. Contact

I would love to hear from you and meet, get in touch regarding you digital needs below. Email me at: or complete the form below:

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