Lead data collaborator

“We have always collaborated but again it’s becoming more obvious to me that it is just as an important process now which is just a part of working in a BIM framework.” 

Researcher skills

“We spend a huge amount of time doing research and one of the challenges that we have, is to make sure that the research is not lost and continues to be accessible as we go forward.”  

Data informed, analytical thinking skills

“Actually the data shows this, and the data shows that the decisions you have been making for the past four years haven’t been the best.”

Innovative complex problem solver skills

“It’s astounding how complex the choices and decisions that designers are making as they are doing something.”

Process skills

Exploring; “other avenues to see how you can exploit the technology with the aim to make things easier.”

Coding skills

Professionals should surround themselves with; “a wider group of, not necessarily computational designers, but people with both design and programming skills, that can apply that to a satisfying solution.” 

Hybrid science & creative skills

“I think that’s why we are going to see people within our industry more and more taking data seriously and using it to basically make better buildings.”