Scientific approach

“In terms of data-driven design, I see it as a very transformative concept based on an evidence-based methodology. It is about using empirical means of testing decisions and evaluating decisions.”

Automation + Coding

“Eliminate waste in the production process so we can get the design to the shop floor as quickly as possible … this involves concepts  of automation in computation.”

Diverse Data

“I have been breaking down our uses of data and types of activities that we do with our clients. There are three categories: people, assets and operations.”


“BIM is a set of technologies, processes and polices enabling multiple stakeholders to collaboratively design, construct and operate an asset over its lifecycle.”


“The more that we can lead, the more it solidifies our position at the centre of this role, of this design team.” 

“There is a need for somebody to have those skills and at the moment I’m trying to fill that gap.”