The Association of Data-Driven Design (ADDD+) is an organisation that has been established to represent new data-driven design professionals in the construction industry. There is a growing sense in the construction industry that new ways of working, digital implementation and advancements in technology need to be met with new skills and principles.

The aims of ADDD+ is to communicate the use of data-driven design to support creativity, workflow efficiencies and the creation of a built environment which is sustainable, productive and cost-effective.

The aim is to create a new profession that is supported in their creative endeavours for the benefit of clients, end-users and all stakeholders across the life-cycle of an asset.

There are three key areas to do this;


Define and share Data-Driven Design principles and confirm the skills required in this field.


Perform research projects to produce publications and reports for industry learning and support.


Share news, reports and publications through social media, events and a newsletter.

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