ADDD’s mission is to provide thought leadership in digital construction.

ADDD shares new innovations, new software, and future focussed ideas that solve today’s need for greater productivity, increased efficiencies, and meeting digital change in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation (AECO) industries.

There are two problems in construction:

1. The level of investment in industry innovation including associated links to driving a digital led skills and training agenda appear to be very low.

Mark Farmer1

2. The construction industry is among the least digitized.

McKinsey, Imagining constructions’ digital future2

ADDD actively shares new software tools that will create high performance buildings and facilities, that sustainably meet future population growth, and help reduce the impact of these activities on the climate.

We have four principles central to our approach – EPIC;

E            Excellence in what we do

P            Progress to move the construction industry forward

I             Intelligently approaching problems

C            Collaborating with a wide number of partners

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We believe that nothing less than the digital transformation of the construction industry is required to meet our shared future needs.

ADDD is led by Allister Lewis

Allister is committed to providing thought leadership in digital construction through the Association of Data Driven Design. He is is an experienced architect, BIM Manager and Technology leader who has worked across construction projects types.

Allister is working hard to make a better construction industry.


2. https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/operations/our-insights/imagining-constructions-digital-future