5 New Construction Apps – Data Driven Design news this week.

5 New Construction Apps – Data Driven Design news this week.

Welcome to the Association of Data-Driven Design roundup. We aim to share a summary of current information and news on Data-Driven Design practices within the construction industry. Please get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions or have something to share.

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1. The Brief Space

Easy to use procedural urban design app. Helping architects, clients and developers to shape a better future through simple design process. Urban design app created for planners, architects and developers exclusively for iPad. https://www.thebrief.space/

2. Agile Form

A dynamic and interactive tool
for your feasibility study within Autodesk Revit and Autocad. Use the power of Planary to maximize your development value by creating more design options with just a few clicks. agileform.ca

3. Packhunt

Packhunt.io is a next generation technology to increase sales, design and production efficiency. From start-ups to market leaders: Packhunt.io makes it easy to reach thousands of customers and provides all capabilities to set up an unrivalled in-store or online shopping experience by advanced digital products sales from design, product configuration, customisation and personalisation, creation and curation of Digitals Twins, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), digital engineering to smart manufacturing without high investments of software development. https://www.packhunt.io/construction

4. BIMu

Cloud-based and data-driven BIM platform for next-generation VDC. Connect BIM data with design review workflow seamlessly and coherently. https://bimu.io/

5. BIMrx

BIMrx gets projects out the door faster with modeling, project management and documentation features for leading Autodesk software, making you more competitive globally while meeting the demands of urbanization. This suite of powerful products reduce Revit design time by 50% and are custom-tailored to various AECO disciplines, automating the low-value processes associated with BIM project delivery. Whether you’re modeling Mechanical, Plumbing or Electrical systems, the features in BIMrx can simplify the process. BIMrx applications can help speed up data entry by using formulas and tools to update models with MEP, fabrication or project parameters from non-Revit users or sources while managing assets by merging model-based information with outside sources. This means your teams spend less time editing models and more time focused on innovating for sustainability and practice-wide digital transformation. https://www.microdesk.co.uk/bimrx/

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