Welcome to 2023! I have had a bit of a shake up of the ADDD sharing and development, last year we had an incredible 5000 visitors to the site which is a huge increase year on year. The aim for this year is to grow this audience and also develop more unique content.

For the coming year there will be the following new features;

  • Weekly YouTube videos sharing news videos on construction technology, Contech and Proptech, and primarily new software in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) which are more in depth and offer insights. These will be longer format than they have been previously and more explanatory.
  • I am going to create YouTube videos are going to share new software in use, compare these head to head, and review this software taken from a database of 500 AEC software available which I have. The frequency will be bi-weekly.

Let me know any feedback you may have on this!

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The CORE studio at Thornton Tomasetti have produced an amazing review of their work which focusses on automation, data visualization, interoperability, machine learning, and advanced computational modelling.


Fifth Wall’s Brendan Wallace On What’s Next After Closing $866M Proptech Fund. Brandon’s top tip is that in 2023 they will be investing in construction technology or ConTech a lot more.


Highly recommend that you join BIM experts Nicolas Catellier and Gavin Crump (aka the Aussie BIM Guru) in this special holiday episode of “Revit Pure Live.”

They discuss the latest developments and trends in the world of BIM, as well as sharing our own experiences and insights.

Some of the topics we will be covering include:

  • The search for the “Revit Killer”
  • The shift to the cloud and tokenization
  • The use of gaming software in AEC
  • Their thoughts on generative design
  • Their own consulting and education adventures
  • The impact of AI on the AEC industry
  • Their favourite tools, art, music, books, podcasts, and movies of 2022


Proptech trends: Archistar founder Dr Ben Coorey on what to expect in 2023. Ben discusses:

  • Google Maps for the property industry
  • Generative design creates 3D building designs and home floor plans in real time
  • Fast-tracking development with automatic compliance assessment

Ben believes that innovation will become increasingly focused on immediate use cases which have a viable commercial model. Which makes total sense. Secondly, this technology is here to stay.  Which also makes sense and sounds incredibly cool!


Geospatial world have created their top 5 Artificial Intelligence trends that we will see in 2023. We have seen this year that AI has evolved at a pace unmatched by any other technology at the moment. Upgrades are coming in by the hours, and AI technology is getting stronger and surprisingly more human. They look at;

  • Generative AI
  • AI Augmented Working
  • Democratization of AI
  • Bridging Real and Digital
  • Progress in Autonomous System

Worth a look to prepare for the next year and see what’s coming.

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