Data Driven Design news this week.

Welcome to the Association of Data-Driven Design roundup. We aim to share a summary of current information and news on Data-Driven Design practices within the construction industry. Please get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions or have something to share.

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If you missed NXT BLD or want to share something you particularly liked with colleagues, it’s now possible to watch both streams.


Blockchain explainer – Computers that can make commitments


How to schedule un-schedulable Revit parameters using PropertyWizard


Announcing a free online workshop Friday 19 November at 16:00 GMT. Duration: 2 hours.
In this workshop, you will be introduced to the various Topologic nodes in Blender/Sverchok. We will then build together a workflow that reads a space programme and checks if adjacency requirements have been met or not.


12 factors heating up the popularity of digital twins and simulations

Image Courtesy: Noria Corporation

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