The @ADDDplus #datadrivendesign roundup

Welcome to the Association of Data-Driven Design roundup. We aim to share a summary of current information and news on Data-Driven Design practices within the construction industry. Daily updates are shared here; twitter handle is @adddplus and on instagram we are sharing here (occassionaly).

Please get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions or have something to share.

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Introducing – Xuver

The online communication platform for all your 3D models.

Share your 3D models with the world at lightning speed. Present, communicate and inspire your clients in an unprecedented way.

See more details from the BIMguru here;

Academic research paper – Comparing and Clustering Residential Layouts Using a Novel Measure of Grating Difference

Image: courtesy Ran Xiao

This paper applies clustering to a dataset of 129 residential layouts, which were collected from contemporary architectural practices, to reveal underlying design patterns. To achieve this, this paper introduces a novel measure for the topological properties of layouts: ‘grating difference

Reinventing Design Process by Kirsten Lees Managing Partner, Grimshaw

Image: courtesy Grimshaw

Kirsten Lees is Grimshaw’s London studio’s Managing Partner, overseeing the development of the studio as it continues to grow. She discusses; Interrogating the Brief, Exploring, and Embracing Differences.


ACADIA 2020 conference videos available here;

Digital Fabrication experiment; A video of a laser cut connections for a small out building

I decided a better rabbit hutch to provide direct access to the outside run. So I used our #lasercutter to make some simple #plywood connections, and then used offcuts of timber, an old packing crate I found in our loft and mesh to create a new hutch which connects to the run. Half way through I realised it was too heavy to move so it is also mounted on two dolly trolleys so we can wheel it to new places in the garden.

Thanks for reading!

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