The @ADDDplus #datadrivendesign roundup 20190915

The @ADDDplus #datadrivendesign roundup 20190915

Welcome to the Association of Data-Driven Design weekly roundup. Each week we aim is to share current information and news on Data-Driven Design practices within the construction industry. Please get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions or have something to share.

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Information Management Processes with ISO19650 integrated from @bondbryanBIM


The next BIM Alliance Roadshow is taking place in Basingstoke with @StephenHolmes14 @Mcvcmc and Ronald from @AstudioArch

September 17th


Excellent article on the Future of Design: The rise of a new design tribe from @MARIA_MINGALLON this is what the Association of Data-Driven Design is trying to promote and share

Tech for the greater good. Can advanced #technologies such as #AI improve the well-being of humans?

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