Second review with Richard Leplastrier, Britt Andersen and Peter Stutchbury

> We have just experienced our second review on the project, with Richard leading this, to establish initial ideas for the built project set within the context of our site analysis. Our group has established an approach of restoration and repair of the landscape environment by preventing excess water from adding to the flood risk adjacent to our site and using this effectively on site. Presently the banks of the creek feeding into the river are in poor repair, with soil being eroded and adding to the silting of the River Shoalhaven and therefore causing greater issues downstream. This process of repair to the riparian zone along the water’s edge has meant that the landscape will be replanted to prevent erosion and create a exploration zone for visitors. Also water can be stored to provide for the new centre in respect to fire storage water and the benefit will be an opportunity to cool the winds over the water coming up to the building.

> Our landscape proposal has focused on creating a new access bridge to the site that sits over the 1 in 100 year flood zone, ensuring access to the site at all times and creating a tree walk across to the main artists village. Access is also possible from a river taxi from Nowra that wil form the starting point for the wetlands exploration area.

Our approach has been well received however the building location and response to the landscape needs further thought. We had two possible locations for the building however Britt suggested that the repair approach we have established should be continued to the site itself and we have more work to complete in this area.

The project process to date has been revelatory, the words of Richard and Glenn early on set the tone for this, and the adherence to examining the landscape and that this should lead the response, rather than the opposite, is suggesting exciting ideas for the building now.

We are going to visit some buildings Peter Stutchbury today and then tracked back to Sydney to continue developing the project. One week to go before our presentation so plenty to do. >



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